The Cosmic Perspective By Neal Degrasse Tyson Analysis

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“The Cosmic perspective” Written by Neal deGrasse Tyson, is an essay that goes in-depth on the beauty of the universe. At the beginning of the essay, Tyson talks about how the ideas of astronomy came from simple beginnings scientifically but have advanced with humanity. In Addition to this, Tyson talks about how the scientific perspective can only be studied by those with the privilege of not focusing on survival. Tyson gives a litany of examples demonstrating how science has increased humanity's collective knowledge. Tyson's main idea in the text is that the cosmic perspective allows us to see the beauty of the universe beyond earth, and why we should focus more on getting all members of society to that point. “The Cosmic Perspective” is successful …show more content…

The products listed were hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. The reason Tyson used this example is that the elements share a trend of being the most common elements found in the universe. Everything from the farthest reaches of the universe to everything around you including those in your daily life is composed of the same elements. To put this into perspective 96.5% of your entire body mass is composed of the most common elements found in the universe mentioned previously. As Tyson inspiringly puts it,” We are not simply in the universe. The universe is in us”. Tyson’s point is undeniable when almost all of your body's matter is also extremely common in the universe, Thus achieving Tyson's goal in this example. Tyson also uses logical persuasive writing in other examples. At the end of paragraph 2, Tyson recalls being in biology class and learning that more bacteria live in one centimeter of your colon than the number of humans that have ever lived. Tyson wisely stated, “That kind of information makes you think twice about who—or what— is actually in charge”. Tyson uses this example to show just how small the earth and humanity are in our universe. Instead of using metaphorical imagery with scientific facts to achieve his goal, Tyson instead uses large

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