The Creature And Frankenstein Similarities

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In the novel Frankenstein, the two main characters Victor Frankenstein, and the creature have many similarities. Just like a parent and their child share many interests, so do Victor and the creature. They each share the fate of isolation, have a similar desire for a loving family, and a thirst for knowledge.
At the beginning of the novel Victor and the creature were both very different. Victor grew up in a loving family, claiming, “no human being could have possessed a happier childhood than myself.” (Pg19) He had caring siblings, and was able to get a very good education. The creature however had the very opposite. Even though victor was, to his parents “Their child, the innocent and helpless creature bestowed on them by heaven” (pg16) the creature was not that to Victor. The creature had no one, and his creator had run off at the first sight of him. …show more content…

Victor's fear of being known as the creator of the creature, and the creature killing his family made him more and more isolated from the world just like the creature was. Victor even said “Revenge kept me alive" (pg149) similar to the creature's “insatiable thirst for vengeance”(pg 164) which kept him alive.
Victor and the monster both had a similar desire for a loving family, and neither one could have it. Victor was given a woman to marry, his mother said “I have a pretty present for my Victor - tomorrow he shall have it” (pg 18) talking about Elizabeth. The creature wanted to be given a woman to be with just as Victor had. He told Victor “You must create a female for me, with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being,” (pg 104) and when Victor eventually disagreed the creature killed Elizabeth so neither got the loving family they

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