The Crucible: An Allegory For Mccarthyism

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Crucible Theme Essay
The Crucible is an allegory for McCarthyism. McCarthyism is the accusing of people without proper evidence. McCarthyism was used to a “accuse” communist during The Red Scare. Much like the Crucible, McCarthyism was driven by irrational thinking and emotions.The emotions of people can be blinding and problematic. The emotions a person feels can cause people to do unimaginable things to themselves and other people. Throughout the book, people's emotions bring out the worst of the people of Salem. The people of Salem begin accusing people of witchcraft for their own personal vendettas and gain. In the book “ The Crucible” by Arthur Miller the people demonstrate, When reason fails, emotions control and results in the destruction of what is morally right or good. Before the book begins, Abigail Williams was fired by the Proctors because of her affair with John Proctor, the husband of the Elizabeth Proctor. Once Elizabeth found out …show more content…

Thomas Putnam is one of the richest farmers and landowners in Salem; However, He feels like he doesn’t get enough respect from the town. Thomas Putman seeks to gain respect and revenge by increasing his wealth, land and influence however he can. Giles stated “ Thomas Putnam is reaching out for land”(Pg.39). The quote demonstrates that the method that Thomas Putnam decided to use was to accuse his neighbors so he could gain their land. An example of this is when Thomas Putman tell his daughter, Ruby, to accuse, their neighbor, Mr. Jacobs, of witchcraft. If people had used evidence instead of just accusations then they would have realized that Mr.Jacobs isn’t a witch, just a person accused for Thomas Putnam's own personal gain. Thomas Putnam's anger toward the town for not getting enough respect is what caused him to accuse an innocent man of witchcraft, demonstrating how emotions can lead to immoral

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