Examples Of Mccarthyism In The Crucible

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The Crucible Essay

Communism and Witchcraft have the same effect on humans, that effect is fear, when you hear fear you think of your worst nightmare or someone hiding in your closet, during the McCarthyism era and the salem witchcraft people had fear about whether their life is on the line or not. It all depended on one person in their community whether or not they choose to save their life. The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an allegory for the Red Scare in the McCarthy era because the girls feared Abigail just like everyone feared J.McCarthy, Elizabeth being accused is similar to McCarthy accusing the US Army, they are innocent just like Elizabeth.

Both McCarthy and Abigail accuse innocent citizens of being apart of something evil. Accusing others of evil is a main part of the McCarthyism era and Abigail accusing others of in the book The Crucible. Accusing others is both immature and unthoughtful of others. McCarthy …show more content…

Witchcraft in Salem brought out the true colors in Abigail Williams and everyone in the community with how they reacted to the situation. The same thing happened with McCarthyism but it only brought out McCarthy’s bad side and the citizens good side in the McCarthy era. With having the fear of either communism or witchcraft come into your city the emotion of fear takes over everyone.An example of fear rising in a city would be communism trying to take over America and then an “obscure US senator” rises and tries to fix the communism problem but then only makes it worsts. Everyone is impacted with fear no matter how they deal with this emotion it doesn’t go away unless you find where the problem is coming from, for instance the acustions in both The Crucible and the McCarthy era both started with one person telling a

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