The Crucible Elizabeth Monologue Analysis

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What will I do? What will I do?! To speak the truth of the poppet in court with chances of Abigail taking my head? To speak the truth when I have been speaking with lies, Elizabeth taken away and I am to depart tomorrow and speak the truth with John? Abigail will charge lechery on you Proctor and it will be the death of you! Oh how much of a coward I am to speak the truth! That judge Danforth, his judgement would freeze beer! These are dark times and there will be no light. When Abigail and the others would dance I only watched, I knew it was wrong and yet I attended. I watched the others kiss and throw the flowers into the pot, muttering the names of the boy or man they wish. Never I thought it would come to this! What more can I do? Elizabeth

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