The Crucible: Family Is Worth It

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Family Is Worth It My whole life I have heard it said that family is everything and people would do anything to keep them safe. When I was younger I would say there 's no way i 'll give it up just like that, I have so many years to live and many things to do and learn. I have now realized that I actually agree with dying for someone that I really care about if the outcome is making them live longer. While it is true that I would die for an important principle, it does not necessarily follow that I would give up my life for something small such as objects that are meaningless and could be easily replaced. In the play “The Crucible,” John Proctor had to make a tough decision whether to lie about doing witchcraft and live or to be accused of witchcraft and die, but have a good relationship with God. Christians, of course, may want to question whether he did the right choice or not but I say he did. If he had lied and signed the document, agreeing to doing witchcraft he would have gone to hell and probably never…show more content…
Many people have probably died because of saving their family or almost getting killed. In the movie “ John Q,” the father of a young boy who needed a heart transplant quickly because he was at the verge of dying, so was willing to take his own life so the son could have his heart and live. The father actually had some people hostage at a hospital to get his son 's name on the list for the heart transplant, he went to an extreme to keep his son alive. At that moment he thought that was his only choice he didn 't think about the outcomes of the situation, whether he would get killed by the cops or any of the hostages would hurt him. In the father 's view he believed that “ he wasn 't going to bury his son, the son was going to bury him.” In making this comment, the father urges us to understand how bad he wanted this heart transplant for his son. If you love your family you don 't really think about your life so much
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