The Crucible Feminist Analysis

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In the play, there is this new concept of feminism built within the female characters. Miller demonstrates this through the Sue. In the 1940s, men were shipped off to war making them abandon their post in the workplace. This leave of absence allowed women to take over their positions and give them a new power that they never had before. Though her husband Jim still holds the prominent job in the relationship, Sue asserts her female dominance over him by paying for his medical school. In our society, men feel the need to show off their dominance by paying for everything, like a woman’s meals for example. Miller shows off this new concept of female power by having Sue go against the normal and pay for Jim’s schooling, a very abnormal thing at …show more content…

He discusses the idea that, “The harm such men do is not malicious; it is a product of their limited awareness,”(36). Joe’s involvement with the pilots deaths was not intentional and therefore cannot be considered premeditated. Because of Joe’s lack of education, he is unable to understand the reality of how serious this situation is. Joe’s inability to grasp the idea of death and how he caused it is unnerving. Through his uneducated eyes, he believes that he is not guilty because he admits to not having the education to correctly do the job. How can he be held responsible for this, when he didn’t understand that what he was doing was wrong. There is many people, much more intelligent than him, who could have done his job with much more compancince than he ever could. Joe says that if they want someone in charge to blame, blame the person who gave him the job because there were a lot more people who are more qualified than him. Us as readers cannot hold Joe as responsible as he should be because of the fact that he is so uneducated to the point where he does not understand why sending malformed parts is a bad thing. The play is set in the 1940s just as America is coming out of the Great Depression. People are jumping at the opportunity for new jobs. In this new society, Joe Keller and his family have made a name for themselves in this new society, yet Joe Keller

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