The Crucible Mob Mentality Analysis

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More than 20 people were executed during the Salem Witch Trials between 1692 and 1693. The play The Crucibles written by Arthur Miller a historical fiction piece based on the Salem Witch Trials. The play shows the struggles of a small town with a big controversy with mob mentality and justice themes throughout the play. Mob Mentality or otherwise called Cult Mentality which is describing humans that have been influenced by their peers around them and move together as a whole or “herd”, they adopt such behaviors from the others apart of their group. Mob Mentality is shown in multiple parts of The Crucibles examples are when the girls are all dancing together in the woods taking part in the so called ritual which happens to be very much out …show more content…

This play was not only recreated for entertainment purposes, but to set as an example to us of how we as people can abuse our power and have actual consequences to those decisions. It shows that we can set someone to die just to save the skin on our own backs. Actual people died, not just these characters but actual human beings lost their lives because of a group or practically an entire community of people lied. It shows that we can gang up on the weaker link and have this mob mentality like a cult. The crucible also sets the example to make history not repeat its self as it has been doing in our country lately. The crucibles a play written by Arthur miller. The Salem witch trials, event written by humans. The play only could portray half of the horrors that actual people went through. The crucibles demonstrated the themes of mob mentality and justice. The crucibles is a very good example that I believe should be spread to people on how and what we should prevent and people should take it very close to heart. The crucibles is a wonderful play to read and watch, I’m glad that I got the opportunity to learn not just history, but human

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