The Crucible Tragedy

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Tragedy Mr.Miller wrote the tragedy of the crucible. The setting of the crucible is in Massachusetts bay during 1692/93. The tragedy is a dramatized and partially fictionalized play. The tragedy of the crucible begins with a rumor that started with nine girls. The play focuses on the inconsistencies of the salem witch trials and the behavior that can result from dark desires and agendas. Miller bases the historical accounts of the salem witch trials. He focuses on several girls and a slave dancing in the woods. They were conjuring or attempting to conjure spirits from the dead. The girls danced in the woods and named names of the men they wanted to love them. The men they named all had wives. One of the…show more content…
In salem the accused were communist and the accusers are McCarthyists. So john proctor the hero of Arthur Miller’s story is the equivalent of a suspected communist and at the time was a cold war. The crucible was a tragedy because almost the whole town was accused of being a witch or having dolls in their homes which made then think they were doing something with the dolls to harm someone else. The children were often accused if you were related to the person being accused then you were tried as a witch. The kids that were hanged didn’t really understand why the were being hung because they do anything wrong. Also it was the fact they were related to them and they thought that their mom or father was teaching them witchcraft. The crucible was a tragedy because no one was safe and everyone was scared that the girls were going to point at them next and they would hang. The trials were unfair because if the denied witchcraft they were hung for saying that they weren’t and if they admitted they were put in jail and would confess their sins to the…show more content…
He was a hero to them because they saw it as someone had finally put a stop to the tragedy of the town. In conclusion the crucible was a tragedy because the judges of the court were narrow minded and listened to nine girls and their pointed fingers. The nine girls somehow persuaded them to listen to them when that pointed at certain people and called them witches. When the girls pointed these people out they were hung if they did not confess to what they have done. When the people confessed, if they confess they would spend nights in the jail for their
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