Greed Quotes In The Crucible

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In the crucible by Arthur miller, took place in a small town named Salem Massachusetts, late 1600s. A massive amount of people were accused and found guilty in the court of law, what was their crime? Witchery. In the crucible the book had three themes listening to false accusations, greed and vengeance.
In the crucible one of the themes was impacting false accusations. One of the accusations was how Abigail (one of our main characters), accused a poor woman named Sarah good that was a beggar. Abbey accused her of witchery by fainting and saying she saw her spirt. So when they told her that she was going to be hanged if she doesn’t confess she confessed. This shows how the court listened to anyone who “cries witchery”, Sarah was and easy target because she was the lowest class in society. Another accusation was how Abbey accused Elizabeth (the wife of John Procter) that she sent her spirit after her by using a puppet that was critically placed or thought out to be at …show more content…

Greed was one of the themes because Mrs. Putnam a rich man who owned a good amount of the land and wanted even more land. by wanting more land he had conflict with people. How? He made “the day his daughter cried out on Jacobs, he said she’d given him a fair gift of land”(act III PG.96) this shows that Putnam would go so far as to kill an old man for the land because he’s greedy. Another sort of greed is how abbey was emotionally greedy she didn’t want the money she wanted john Procter. Due to her wanting john Procter she tried to kill his wife Elizabeth by saying she a witch. This also shoes that in the play how greed is a major theme because not only was their money greed there was emotional greed. Overall the play was full of greed because everyone was trying to take something out of the Salem witch trials which then led to more people being killed. This shows how the play was full of greed which led to a whole lot of people being

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