Quotes About The Lies In The Crucible '

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Don’t believe everything you hear The people in the town were so quick to believe everything that came out of the girls mouths The town’s people started to point fingers at neighbors and even friends just in confusion from the lies The girls were putting on such a convincing act that they had almost everyone fooled The people that were accused had to admit to working with the devil even though they weren’t, in order to save themselves from death. So people started to think they maybe the girls were telling the truth because there was “clear evidence” supporting it. People are willing to do anything, if it means saving theirs or someone they loves reputation and name Elizabeth did not admit to John having any relations with Abigail because she didn’t want to blacken his name. …show more content…

http://www.shmoop.com/crucible/respect-reputation-quotes.html Proctor was going to confess to working with the devil even though it was not true so that he could live happily with Elizabeth,his now pregnant wife, and

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