The Culture Of Music: The History Of Jazz Music

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Every music around the world has its own history, the instruments, rhythms, and even the compositions have their own origins. Music is a tool, it is used as a way of communicating with other individuals. It is very powerful considering it can express a person’s emotions or feelings such as grief, sadness, happiness, love, and even those emotions which cannot be explained or be expressed.
Jazz music is like a language. It is a language that musicians use to express their emotions on a concrete moment or the emotions that they are feeling while they are performing. It is unique and diverse that the musicians improvise music within the spur of the moment which makes Jazz music much more intriguing and different from other genres of music consequently making it one step from the past, one step from the present and one step from the future. (What is Jazz?, n.d.)
The Birthplace of Jazz
Approximately about a hundred years ago, Jazz was born in New Orleans although some of its roots are being connected to the musical tradition of both Africans and Europeans. It bloomed in New Orleans considering it was a port of all nations and meeting place for different nationalities and ethnic groups that they blended in together and got along with each other using music. They communicated through music that is why Jazz music got its roots from different nations, breaking the “carapace of dogma around an established view” in a way that Jazz music was not only established and originated from

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