Heathcliff's Obsession Quotes

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Obsessive love is- a state in which a person feels an overwhelming obsessive desire to possess another person toward whom they feel a strong attraction, with the inability to accept failure or rejection. Attraction- instantaneous and overwhelming, feels like love, but it is the opposite. It's called "hooked on their look" too intense, too fast. Anxiety-Controlling behavior, rage, isolation and insecurity. Obsession- Stalking begins; you receive angry phone calls, email and text scoured for imaginary clues. Destruction- rage, anger, plots revenge (Heathcliff) leading to more stalking and increasing danger. Heathcliff Obsession: Heathcliff starts lurking around Thrushcross Grange Visits late at night Rage against Hindley and Hareton, even though Hereton was just a little kid, when abusive father, …show more content…

When Lockwood dozes off, he starts to have bad dreams. In one of Lockwood’s bad dreams, he awakens to notice a tree branch tapping on his window. Still drowsy, Lockwood attempts to unlatch the window, but fails to do so. He smashes the glass with his knuckles and thrust out for the branches '…instead of which, my fingers closed on the fingers of a little, ice-cold hand!' (Bronte 25). Lockwood makes an effort to get away, but the ghost’s hand will not free him. The ghost cries out, 'Let me in - let me in!... 'I'm come home: I'd lost my way on the moor!' (Bronte 25). Lockwood kneads the wrist of Catherine's ghost on the shattered glass until they bleed. Heathcliff and Catherine reveal some pressing matters with letting things go. Before Catherine passes away, Heathcliff asks Catherine to torment him so that he doesn’t have to be away from her, and Catherine obliges Heathcliff’s request. Catherine and Heathcliff have always wanted to be monogamous, however, something is always preventing this. This time, it's a window, symbolizing death, that lies amidst

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