The Devil And Tom Walker Analysis

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“The Devil and Tom Walker” is by Washington Irving. Tom Walker and his wife fight a lot. One day Tom discovers an old Indian fortification and kicks a skull. He encounters the devil who offers Tom buried treasure for exchange of his soul. Tom declines the offer to upset his wife. In return, the wife decides to make the same deal, but dies in the proces. After a few days go by, he has to go find his wife because she hasn't returned. He then encounters the Devil again and agrees to the deal. Tom is now rich, and no longer has his sole. Tom regrets his decision and repents for his sin. There were three knocks at the door. A man dressed in all black with a black horse was there. The devil takes Tom away and Tom is never seen again. This short story's …show more content…

Tom loses his patience and piety, he tells the devil to just take him if he has just made a farthing. Someone came to the door with a black horse and a huge bag. They were standing there without saying a word. He waved Tom over to come with him. It was the Devil. Right before they left, the Devil told Tom to not say a word the whole trip there no matter what. Tom followed him and got onto the horse and they walked into the distance. After walking in silence for 12 hours, Tom turned to the Devil and asked where they were heading. The Devil stopped walking, reached into his mysterious bag and pulled out Tom's dead wife. He took out a knife and cut her up into a million pieces. The Devil then whispered, “your body's next.” Tom was shocked and terrified, he froze. A few more hours of walking went by, and Tom then got the nerve to speak again, “why were you carrying my dead wife?” The Devil glared at Tom again but this time he didn't do anything. They finally reached their destination. It was very dark and muddy in the area. The Devil took out two flashlights and gave one to Tom. He told Tom to look around if he dared. Tom got off the horse,

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