Comparing Evil In Young Goodman Brown And The Devil And Daniel Webster

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Jessica Seelinger
Professor Weaver
10 January 2016
The Devil in Literature
The Devil is known for seducing and corrupting humans in multiple brutal ways. In most stories, his charm can get to a person and make one do things they don’t intend to do. He is completely capable of changing a human in a horrible way. The tricks he plays vary from promises of wealth to promises of power but that’s not it, the promises he makes can go on and on. Simply in these stories, when a person meets with the devil they will have to choose between good and evil. The devil will ruin your relationship with God if you listen to him. It is shown through the stories I have read, “Young Goodman Brown”, “The Devil and Tom Walker”, and “The Devil and Daniel Webster”. …show more content…

All his strategies have to do with God and getting people against him. His main tactic I believe would be him getting people not to trust their own family and friends. In stories I’ve read the Devil tells lies to people for them to be miserable basically and go against what they believe in. For example, the story I talked about before Young Goodman Brown, the Devil tries to make the character Goodman Brown believe lies he fed him. Overall in all stories, books, and movies about the Devil, his strategy is based off of God. Humans are so easily manipulated by the Devil in many of these stories. The people in the stories make deals with the Devil as if it is nothing. It shows how weak and gullible some people can be. Once the Devil gets one’s weakness he has already won them over. He will use the weakness over and over again on the person until he gets his way. I am astonished by how many humans in stories I have read recently that have let the devil get to them. Also in the movie SEARCH A MOVIE I have watched the devil tricks the humans so easily, its actually amazing at how pathetic it is. How clueless can one …show more content…

The man in the story, Tom, at first says no to the Devil’s deal, which I was completely shocked about considering in almost all the other story I’ve read the Devil gets the person to give in so quickly and usually the person doesn’t even need to think about it. The Devil wants his soul in exchange for the buried treasure, that’s all he really wants. When his wife finds out about the deal, she tries to make the same deal with the devil and dies trying. So then, after this Tom figures he might as well take the deal now. The thing is in many stories the person ends up regretting making the deal which is what happens in this story. At the end of this story the devil takes him away and no one sees him again. Wow, this shows how at the end making a deal with a devil ends up in shambles in many stories. “The Devil and Daniel Webster” is a story that has extremely shocked me. In this case, the devil loses and the man stands strong along with his friend. He does at first sell his soul to the Devil but his regret goes on for years about it. After years go by he decides to take a stand so he gets his friend who is a lawyer to help him. The Devil and the lawyer friend have a debate and after a good fight the men win over the Devil. This shows that in some stories the author doesn’t want the human to be weak and changes up the storyline for

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