How Did Dawes Act Effected The Native Americans

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1. How did Dawes Act effected the Native Americans? Dawes Act is the 1887 General Allotment Act. This act was to force the American Indians, who lived in communal way of life, to live Europeans style of individualism. It provided 160 acres of land for each family head and 80 acres to single persons over the age of eighteen (Reyhner and Eder,2006, p.81). Dawes showed as someone who is advocating the rights of the American Indians but the act he advocated for caused families to disintegrate. A family of four middle-aged sons may receive allotment fifty miles apart and their old grandfather one hundred miles away (Reyhner and Eder,2006, p.82). It also caused the American Indians to lose their land to others. After the allotment was done the

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