Elephant And The Dragon

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The Elephant and the Dragon by Robyn Meredith highlights China’s and India’s industrial growth and worldwide. Meredith describes China’s and India’s history and how both countries went from being poor to worldwide powers. Meredith shows how each of the country’s leaders influenced the fall of the economy and how future leaders led to the rise of economic growth. In each economy Meredith states that the leaders of both countries found themselves with no choice but to change and she describes the inspiration that both countries deprived their ideas from with lead to great change for the government and the people. The last subject that is highlighted in The Elephant and the Dragon is how America is being effected and if China and India will …show more content…

China’s leader Mao implemented a program called Mao’s Great Leap Forward program this program told peasant framers when to plant crops, what to plant and how much to plant. Also peasants were required to turn over a third of their crops for taxed that was meant to feed the cities. In return the presents were made promises from the government such as the commune would provide workers with food, medical care, and other necessities. This contributed to the people starving and going to great lengths to survive such as trading children and killing and eating them, at this time famine was widespread and killing many people in China. Mao ruled for over twenty-seven years and during that time, “he had doomed China’s people to become some of the poorest on the planet”. In 1976 Mao died and Deng Xiaoping took over as China’s leader. Like Mao, Deng focused first on the countryside and gave out land to farmers and paid the farmers how much they grew a year this lead to farmers being able to pick which crops they wanted to farm and Deng have the farmers to pay taxes instead of handing over a third of their crops. Since the majority of China’s population was farmers this gave a boost to their economic standing and an opportunity for a better …show more content…

Mr. Rao became the ruler after the Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, Mr. Rao soon after had to tell his counsel that India was broke and that the banks were no longer loaning money. As a result reform were put to swift practice first starting with devaluing India’s currency, lifting long-standing restrictions on import and to make many structural reforms to help encourage exports. India introduced a new reform each week and opened banking, airlines and oil to private investors. During 1991 the Indian government abolished the office that controlled stock market pricing and let investment banks offer a fair price. As much as Inia was growing they could not keep up with China so India began sending government officials to China to find inspiration. And found the main difference to be the infrastructure. As a result India has built 3,355 miles of highways, 150 billion on infrastructure, 50 billion on decrepit airports, ports, and roads, 75 billion on power plants and another 25 billion for telecommunications. India is, “the fastest-growing free-market democracy in the world,” said Nath. “China is winning the sprint, and we are going to win the

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