The Epic Hero In Beowulf's Harry Potter

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Throughout history, people of all cultures and beliefs have created stories of great and mighty heroes containing the virtues admired in that age. In times long ago, when the Anglo-Saxons were at their height, one of these stories was the tale of the mighty hero Beowulf, depicting the very image of the age's virtues and ideas. Now, in this booming age of technology, we've turned to heroes such as Harry Potter and his friends Ron and Hermione.

Not only strong, courageous, and honorable, but also being the very mightiest of all warriors on the earth, Beowulf truly displays the ideas and virtues of his age. The Anglo-Saxons were a society of warriors and, consequently, held the warrior's code in high regard- idealizing virtues such
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The trio shows the same courage found in Beowulf, but other than that, they also display an array of other characteristics- some similar to those found in the epic's mighty hero, and others not so much. The trio, as a whole, display such characteristics as loyalty, a close bond to friends, self-sacrifice, and a willingness to protect their family. The main protagonist, Harry Potter, actually seems rather similar to Beowulf, displaying a uncanny bravery, a knack for seeking out battles to fight, and a need for vengeance- in this case for the death of his…show more content…
Courage in the face of danger, loyalty to those they hold dear, respect for their ancestors, and a willingness to do right have stood as virtues idolized in societies of old, all the way until now. The technological age of today might not rely on warriors and battles as did the Anglo-Saxons so very long ago, but no matter how much time passes, and how our societies grow and change, it is rather easy to say that the same few characteristics we look for in our heroes remain the
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