The Essence Of Tools Of Fiction In Flannery O Connor's The Story Of An Hour

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The Essence Of Tools Of Fiction A story relies on the backdrop of themes, symbols and figurative language. They are the pieces that construct the puzzle of narrative together. Fiction commonly incorporates a writer manipulating truth in one way or another, and this idea is seen in Flannery O Connor’s, A Good Man is Hard to Find, and Kate Chopin’s, The Story of an Hour. The way a theme enhances narrative, the way symbols effect readers and the way language explores characters will be discussed in this paper. Flannery O Connor heavily depends upon themes and symbols to define her narrative. A Good Man Is Hard to Find encapsulates ideas of southern gothic fiction, where unexplainable events happen to peculiar people. These notions work well in creating an atmosphere of whimsicality, where the idea of goodness can really be explored. The title itself has the words, “good man,” which highlights the most essential theme of the story. Connor investigates the different ways of defining “good”. The question of what a good man really is, is explored. The connotations of the word are first used by the grandmother, what she constructs as good , is not always what the readers see. O Connor is commenting on the way perspective is essential in defining characters, as there is always a distance created between a character and the reader. This distance is translated in the story and is imperative in understanding the double-ness that exists in the word “good”. The extract shows the first
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