The Firefly Hunt Analysis

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After reading the two passages, "Red Cranes", and, "The Firefly Hunt", it is clearly presented that the authors of each stories, developed the characters in clever differential ways. Although the approach was very different, the characteristics within these characters were quite similar. As goes to say, each author had their own perspectives through introducing each characters intentions and feelings.

In the story, "The Red Crane", written by Jacey Choy, the approach to develop Choy's characters was very subtle. The story contains a family of three, a mother, a father, and a young daughter. The father, Jiro, comes off as a very well written father and husband to his family. For example, Jiro tells his daughter that he didn't want to wake her because she was in such a deep sleep in the line, "I was going to wake you, but I decided I wouldn't be worth it, especially if it wasn't a red crane". As for the mother, Yuki, she comes off much stronger than just a gentle mother with a soothing spirit. Yuki makes remarks like, “Oh, Mie, all your talk of red cranes. Dreams, just dreams”, that testify Yuki’s doubts for her daughters
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Sachiko, the main character, is described as a hard working woman who would like to take some time to herself and relax in serenity. Sachiko had always seen firefly hunts on a puppet stage but wanted to experience it for herself, as she knew she deserved it, “She knew though, that the firefly hunt would be pleasant to remember”. Sachiko eventually took the opportunity she had and went to the river to see these fireflies. It was shown that she enjoyed the peace in the line, “Sachiko could see it all even now, here inside with her eyes closed”. She also believed that it was, “something of a child’s world, the world of the fairy story in it”. The author develops her character by releasing her and making her feel free once
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