The Functionalist Perspective Theory: The Hunger Games

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"The Hunger Games" and the Functionalism Perspective Theory
Maria Maningo
22 January 2018
Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

"The Hunger Games" and the Functionalism Perspective Theory
In a dystopian future, "The Hunger Games" is set in what used to be the United States of America. The movie is illustrated as a post-apocalyptic world divided by a revolution lost by those that wanted a change. As a consequence of the revolt, the powers that triumphed placed upon them a decree that one female and one male child between the ages of twelve and seventeen from each of the twelve districts. They must be delivered to The Capitol and fight to the death, until one victor remains. This phenomenon, hence forth known as The Hunger Games, served as a reminder that revolt will not go unpunished. The main protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, took the place of her little sister after her name was drawn becoming the very first volunteer from District 12. The male tribute was a boy named Peeta Mellark, a baker 's son. After being transported to The Capitol, Katniss, Peeta, and the rest of the tributes are placed in tests, trainings, and judgements by the game makers. They are rated from one to twelve based on their skills and what the tributes show during the individual assessments. The higher the score, the more chances the tributes have of getting sponsors. Katniss received the highest score, an eleven out of twelve. Once the game begins, thirteen tributes have been killed

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