The Theme Of Sacrifice In 'The Hunger Games'

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Theme #1- No matter what tyrannical environment you live in, your identity can never be changed The Hunger Games focuses on the theme of identity and how it is immutable in any tyrannical environment. This tells the audience that no one can take away your identity and it can only be controlled by you. In the movie, 24 tributes are forced to enter a game where they kill each other in order to survive which led them to losing their identity and becoming pawns to entertain the people of the Capitol. However, both the male and female protagonists secure their identity in the tyranny environment, and allowed them to make decisions upon their free will. Theme #2 Sacrifice is the foundation of maturity The message of The Hunger Games is that sacrifice is the foundation of maturity. It shows the audience the benefits of putting others before yourself and how it can help you develop essential life skills that humans need. The female protagonist continuously puts herself in treacherous and menacing situations as a result of the sacrifices she makes. Consequently, the female protagonist is forced to go on an adventure where she realizes the cruelty of the world and was able to …show more content…

She starts off as a well-respected female in her district despite the fact she’s poor. Her hamartia of caring too much about other’s survival leads her to her downfall where she volunteers to risk her life in the Panem Games for her sister during the Reaping. Again relating back to Aristotle, her downfall has a great impact on her family because they will struggle in privation alone without Katniss to help. Even throughout the game, Katniss relentlessly sacrifices her own safety to ensure that Peeta was safe. When Peeta gets a serious wound from a sword stab, Katniss’s tragic flaw forces her to go out of hiding and obtain medicine, leading her to her downfall of almost getting killed by another

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