The Hero's Journey In The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

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The infamous Hunger Games story created by Suzanne Collins starts off by setting the scene in the post-war nation of Panem, where it consists of the gleaming Capitol, surrounded by the twelve impoverished districts. As punishment for putting the nation through peril, the Capitol orders one boy and one girl aged from 12-18 from each district to be sent into the Hunger Games to fight until only one survivor remains. This story follows a young Katniss Everdeen as she volunteers for tribute to fight in the Games in order to save her sister. After meeting her fellow tribute, Peeta Mellark, in which she has a small, meaningful history with, they travel to the Capitol and train with Haymitch. In the arena, she forms many alliances with other tributes until she is eventually forced to fight Peeta. In the end, they both decide to die by consuming poisonous berries so that they don’t have to fight each other, only …show more content…

This could signify the sixth step of the Hero’s Journey which is called Tests, Allies, and Enemies, where the hero is tested and sorts out alliances in the new world that they’re in. At the end of the Games, where Katniss not only helped spark rebellion within Panem, but she also wins rewards for her family and everyone back in her district. Since her district is known to be very poor, getting a huge supply of food and other items for a whole year is a big accomplishment. This could be considered to be aligned with the ninth step of the Hero’s Journey called Rewards, or Seizing the Sword. The ninth step is defined by the hero facing death and obtaining rewards that could be taken away, which in this case is riches and food for Katniss’ district, but it could be easily taken away by the Capitol due to her being a symbol of

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