Theme Of Segregation In The Hunger Games

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Watching people suffer is an astonishing action that people love to see. This happens all throughout the world, with movies, shows, and even in schools. In the film, The Hunger Games, the world is similar in a creepy way. It shows people suffering, while others sit back and enjoy watching people suffer. The Hunger Games is trying to warn people around the world about segregation reoccurring, entertainment of suffering, and the effects of poverty on young people. Due to the events in the film, segregation is starting to reoccur in the world. Even though the world still has some segregation occurring in today’s world, The Hunger Games is trying to inform the people today that segregation is going to keep increasing over the years if people do not put a stop to it. In the film, there are 12 districts. The districts that are relatively closer to the capital seem to be living the life; however, as you move away from the capital the districts environment people are treated bad and are not up to date or well taken care of like the people near the capital. In Katniss’s district, which is 12, …show more content…

In the real world we have lots poverty already. The film is really trying to show people that if they do not take care of their homes and the countries that they care about people will eventually go into poverty. If people also keep allowing the government to pass off secret bills that no one knows about, most likely all the places that they government is okay with will not be in poverty while other cities and states will be in poverty due to the government not respecting those places. This occurs in the film with the districts because the capital only takes care of the districts that they love and just leaves the other districts like they are a bad habit (The Hunger Games). To conclude, this will happen if people continue to be distracted by everything else in the society and not the main issues that will affect the human’s

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