Government Control In The Hunger Games

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Introduction: In the novel “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins an important idea the writer developed was the idea of Governmental Control and Oppression. This idea was important as it helped me understand an important message for teenager, the idea that laws could control some populations and abused of its power could cause those living suffering. Paragraph 1: Governmental Control in the “Hunger Games” was something that was really highlighted as people in the capitol had control over those living in the district. The district had strict laws inflicted upon them, making life difficult. Unable or making it really difficult to manage life and feedstocks, while those living in the capitol are free with an easy going life. Such power is capable of controlling those living in the district, making them fight for power while they watch for personal entertainment, “This is the capitol's way of reminding us, now totally we are at their mercy”. Another example of the capitol's power is that “Each district must nominate one boy and one girl for this years annual hunger games; control over the people, denial is something impossible for those living in the district. The freedom of the people …show more content…

The capitol believe that they are in charge because they are more wealthier than those raised in the districts. As a teenager I learnt the idea of equal rights and that both societies should be treated evenly, because if the segregation continues we can no longer call ourselves human, as we think we are better than a similar being to us. There is no perfect utopia in any world, even in the hunger games. Those living in the capitol may believe that they are superior but in the end they will probably be rebelled against and crushed as a society. There is no perfect utopia for anyone. We are all equal

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