The Hunger Games: Dystopia In A Perfect World

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In the Hunger Games series, a dystopian future is set up. The government of Panem, The Capitol, holds the wealth of Panem giving it the power to control all districts. In order to enforce this theory, they created the Hunger Games. They suppressed the rights of the citizen’s of Panem and selected their children in order to fight each other do death for survival. These games were created to scare the people and show them who was in charge. While these dystopian societies are going on, there are also utopian societies that we can see in our dreams. These societies are filled with what we think makes them perfect. For example, the utopian universe that can be brought to mind could be free of poverty, homelessness, war, racism ,etc. But, if we deeply think about it, if these problems did …show more content…

A perfect or dystopian society would have everything we wish. We could live without racism and have a nation where everyone is equally treated no matter what their racial orientation is. Since some problems we encounter today are caused by the government. Most sepcifically our president. Some people agree with him and others do not which causes a stir-up between citizens. Not everybody thinks exactly like the president does and that causes many problems because nobody understands each other. Maybe we can live in a community where we can handle ruling ourselves. In this perfect world of ours people wouldn’t be judged for small reasons like where they were born or how they look. Citizens could get along and everyone would live in perfect harmony. For example, when you wake up in the morning you do not have to worry about what you are going to wear and you can walk anywhere without people judging you for being yourself. There would not be poverty because everyone would be equal. A perfect nation seems ideal because we are free of all our problems which is the opposite of a dystopian

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