The Georges And The Jewels Quote Analysis

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As the story “The Georges and the Jewels” A girl named Abby in the story always gives up and never wants to do things she can’t do. “But if, right when you let up on the reins, your horse put his head between his knees again and took off bucking, kicking higher and higher until he finally dropped you and went tearing off to the other end of the ring, well, you might lie there, as I did, with the wind knocked out of you and think about how nice it would be not to get back on, because that horse is just dedicated to bucking you off.” This quote explains that Abby gives up because she thought that the horse is just there for bucking her off and never got her things right. This is the quote that showed that Abby always gave up and never wanted to get back on the horse because the horse bucked her. This is the other quote that proves Abby changed. “We sold her for a nice piece of change within a month, and I wish I knew where she was.” This quote explains that Abby misses the horse because she and her dad sold her for a good price. This is the quote that shows Abby changed and never wants to give up from now. The whole text evidence and the explanation shows the the theme of the story which is never give up, try again and again until you succeed. My thought is that giving up is not an option, …show more content…

They can change from evil to good or good to evil. What I think is to be kind to all and respect them. The story “The Georges and The Jewels” and “The Black Beauty” says that people change. There were evidences in the story that proves that the character changes in both of the story. What I suggest is that always try new things in life, even though you can’t do it. I you want to do rock climbing, don’t just look at the people doing and saying that it is tough, it is like judging the book by its cover. Always try and concentrate that you can do

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