Germ Theory Of Disease Analysis

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Germ theory of disease is one of the theories in the biology field. Germ theory of disease supports that microorganisms that are germs are the cause of diseases. This theory was first proposed by Girolamo Fracastoro in the 16th century but he was not able to provide any evidence to strengthen his proposal. This theory was not accepted easily by the citizen between the 16th century to the 18th century. The pre-existence of miasma theory was the obstacle to the acceptance of germ theory during that period. Karamanou et al. (2012) state that miasma theory is the belief that the atmosphere is associated with poisonous vapour which could cause someone to be infected with diseases. Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch were the greatest contributors to…show more content…
Pasteur conducted an experiment to prove the germs were the cause of diseases. He put a boiled meat into a flask and melted the neck of the flask and bent it into a s-shape. As a result there were no microorganisms found on that meat as only air was allowed to enter into the flask but not airborne microorganisms. However, when he tilted the flask until the broth reached the neck of the flask, it is found out that microorganisms were inside the broth. According to Karamanou et. Al (2012) “ Pasteur had both refuted the theory of spontaneous generation and demonstrated that microorganisms are everywhere even in the air; the revolutionary germ theory was a reality.” After Pasteur did countless experiments, in 1864, he proved the germs were the cause of diseases. Later in 1876, Robert Koch identified bacillus bacterium was the cause of anthrax. This was the convincing evidence that proves the validity of the germ theory. Besides that, Koch also identified the microorganisms that cause tuberculosis and cholera. Therefore, the accuracy of germ theory is supported by scientific evidence and it began widely…show more content…
The germ theory is a famous theory in the medical profession which help medical professionals to either identify the germs that cause certain disease or find out the solution to cure the patients. It shows clear evidence that the acceptance of the germ theory helps to decrease the health problem during 1870 by introducing the importance of hygienic practice. This theory is applicable in medical profession since 1870s and even in modern times. This shows that the germ theory of disease is a good theory that scientists and doctors cannot deny

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