Italy In The 1920s

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Italy in the 1920s Life in the 1920s in Italy was quite interesting. It was a time in history where new technology was coming into place that was constantly improving by the minute. As technology increased so did the improvements and the findings in medicine. Fads and fashion in Italy also showed an appearance during the 1920s. As new fashions came to be, there was also arts and media who kept the people of this time busy. Every disease or illness starts from microorganisms that are infectious to the body. It was once discovered that contagious diseases can easily be spread from person to person; whether that be transmitted by any bodily fluids, skin contact, or via airborne. That being said, it was very easily to get infected and treatment…show more content…
Women’s fashion in the 1020’s had to deal with many changes following the first world war, and the period referred as the “roaring 20’s”, the era of the “flapper.”The 1920’s dresses were lighter since the dresses had less material and new synthetic fabrics and brighter and shorter than before. Fashion designers experimented with fabric colors, textures, and plenty of patterns to create variety of new styles of dresses. Coats and jackets were most often trimmed with fur in the 1020’s. Fur coats were not as popular anymore while fur trimmed coats followed an upward trend for women.The trend towards silk and rayon represented a dose of luxury in the 1920’s and cotton became less fashionable because of it. Women’s underwear which was mainly made of cotton before 1920 was fashioned from silk and rayon by the end of the decade. Women that were young change cotton underwear for underwear that were made of different materials while older women were slower to change. People that were from the city made the change to materials and styles a lot sooner than the country…show more content…
There was also Ragtime music and Broadway musicals that were also very famous. Exuberant dances were invented for the upbeat tempo’s. Jazz spread to many dance alls and other venues. The main form of popular concert music was marching bands and dance bands. The arrival of the radio and the phonograph records introduced jazz to remote locations. The media provided an opportunity for jazz musicians to make a name for themselves. Radio caused the improvement of old songs, and the popular new songs. Public dance halls, clubs, and tea rooms opened in the cities. There was dance moves that were called black dances because they were inspired by African style dance moves like the shimmy, turkey trot, buzzard lope, chicken scratch, monkey glide, and the bunny

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