How Did Jazz Develop America In The 1920s

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The US was the richest and most developed country in the world in the early 1920s weary from fighting a world war and disillusioned by the failure of Wilson's plans to create new world order. Americans sought stability than popular support for republicans grew and since the republicans promised progressive reforms but instead they aimed to settle into traditional patterns of government by 1920 more people lived in cities than in rural areas due to the industrial revolution, mass immigration and jobs during world war one. Republicans presidents were elected who helped America “return to normalcy” by using pro-business policies they also kept government interference in business to a minimum to allow private enterprise to flourish. The Harlem …show more content…

So many nationwide examples explains how the jazz age cultivated America in the book “The Great Gatsby” the author dubbed the jazz age but he did make notice on how this age ended the prohibition, and women's suffrage, they became known as flappers entertaining at famous night clubs adapting to new clothing styles and music the jazz age twenties beat was “urban” in came a new dance called The Charleston. The New Orleans sound made its mark and spread throughout the south side of Chicago who was known for being dominated by gangsters and dance clubs this “basement” music took the United States by storm poetry, fashion and industry were influenced by the cultural jazz age and the 1920s brought upon a new happy period in America. Musicians like Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Johnny Dobbs and many others who were in an jazz age band led by the first great jazz trombonist Kid Ory all made jazz music popular in their own way as well as successful spreading it throughout the United States of America the jazz age was underway and paved a legacy for the future artists and was an important reason racism ended this music brought whites and blacks together and changed lifestyles. (Boundless. "The Jazz Age - Boundless Open

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