Return To Normalcy Speech Analysis

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The 1920s were a time of complete change in the United States. Just coming out of World War I the people wanted change. Warren G. Harding saw that the people wanted change so that is what he talked about in his “Return to Normalcy” speech in 1920. Many people were very pleased with what Harding had to say in this speech. Calvin Coolidge who was Vice President under Harding also gave a speech in 1925 that had similar ideas as Harding’s speech. The Republican party was on the rise. Harding and Coolidge both were Pro business, wanted to lower taxes, have high tariffs and more. They appealed to so many people because they showed they were going for change after the war. Being pro-business gained Harding many more votes because of the way our country was going. The United States was beginning to look like a business country meaning that many people owned businesses or were a part of large corporations for their job. In a country where so many …show more content…

America had financial strength and they wanted to use it make peace with other countries. Both these speeches are conservative in regards to less government involvement in businesses, having higher tariffs, and lower taxes. Each of these speeches makes some kind of connection to these three points. The 1920’s were a time where there was lots of conservatism in the white house. It was a time where presidents wanted to use business to boost the economy as much as they could. During this time, it may have seemed that everyone loved the way they country was going. That was not the case many people did not like the way the country was being ran at this time. After the 1920’s America went into a great depression. Some might say that this was one of the worst times in the United States history. No matter what whoever is in office or making big choices for our country will always be judged and someone will not

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