Flappers Impact On American Society

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The Effect of Flappers on American Society and the Perception of Women It is no question that the women of modern American society differ greatly from the women of preceding generations. Until the passage of the 19th amendment, women were not considered equals by the standards of the United States government, and social controversy continued long after. A large contributor to the progression in the area of women’s equality was a group of liberated and notorious women known as Flappers. These women drifted from social norms regarding women in American Society. In the 1920’s United States, the controversial conduct and morality of flappers led to a new generation of independent women, who made significant advancements in women’s social and …show more content…

(1) This inspired an era of social and political progression regarding women and their role in society. According to an encyclopedia.com article, titled “Flappers”, “No decade in recent history has seen as much change in the status and style of women as the 1920s” The 1920’s, sometimes termed the Roaring Twenties, was an era of progression, specifically in the area of women’s rights (1). Women now had the opportunity to hold political office, be financially self sufficient, and live independently of men. These women, however, did not achieve this equality with ease. With suffrage attained, women now faced new obstacles. The most prevalent issue facing women during this time was the existing social discrimination. Women were still expected to live in conformity with their traditional roles in society, despite the new legal progression. Though women legally had the same freedoms and opportunities as men, the reality of the situation was very different. Discrimination towards women continued long after their suffrage was achieved. In response to this social unfairness, a new group of women developed, termed the Flapper …show more content…

Flappers wore controversial attire that correlated with their equally controversial ideology. In “Women’s Fashion”, another section of “American Decades”, Tompkins references the styles of Flappers in the 1920s, specifically how their clothing was a result of changing values. Tompkins states “Women's fashions in the 1920s reflected radical changes affecting many areas of post-World War I American society.” Flapper attire included knee length dresses that were very loosely hung, short “Bobbed” haircuts, and heavy cosmetics, something that was traditionally strictly for prostitutes. A famous role model and reference to these styles is Clara Bow. During the age of flappers, Bow was envied for having “it.” Flappers rejected tradition styles, and swapped their corsets for more revealing, breathable, and evocative clothing. Though some critics of this type of attire accused flappers of being scandalous and immoral, others saw the practicality and liberation of flapper apparel. Their clothing was a staple of the broad-minded decade, and the development of women’s social

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