1920s Flappers Research Paper

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Since early ages, mothers have always criticized the ways their daughters acted. In the 1920s criticisms were taken a step further by the flappers, who completely revolutionized the view on females. Flappers in the 1920s had an impact on women for the future. Who they were, what they wore, and what their morals were was how their impacts changed the future for all the females.
“The term "flapper" originated in the 1920s and refers to the fashion trend for unfastened rubber galoshes that "flapped" when walking, an attribution reinforced by the image of the free-wheeling flapper in popular culture.” (Sauro 1) Flappers were typically young, urban, middle-classed women. Clara Bow was one of the women who popularized the flapper look, and acts. Clara bow also cultivated the devil-may-care attitude and fashion. Bow was referred to as the scarlet that had “it.” (Hatton 2) Women in this era, were a far image from previous women. They turned the 1920s into a model of modern women hood by dominating the american cultural scenes.
The flapper look was very different than what the women previously of the 1920s wore. Physically the women had bobbed hair, noticeable makeup, and flashy lipstick. The bobbed hair the flappers had was a indefinite remark. The flashy lipstick and makeup was also what made the rebellious act …show more content…

Flappers often went to clubs with men. They danced the Charleston, smoked cigarettes in public, and were not ashamed for being caught sipping alcohol under age. Around this time the automobile was making its way into cities big and small. Flappers were often caught slipping away with men in the automobile. In this era, their morals had changed tremendously;therefore, they had more sexually related relationships with others as well. With the carefree disregards for authority, many of the flappers broke traditions passed down by their

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