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The New Modern Era of 1920s
When people think of the 1920's, the phrase "The Roaring Twenties" usually comes to mind. It was a time when more people lived in the cities than on farms (Hoover). A time where the role women had on society took a huge turn for the better. The image of the flapper came to life as it portrayed how the young woman was seen across the nation. Some issues that women had in the 1920's are related to some of the issues women have today. Since many Americans were affluent in the 1920's, they turned the United States into a consumer society. Although many liked the new advancements, many wanted to stay away from it and search for personal fulfillment. So much happened in the 1920's that made it hard for people to keep …show more content…

Since the invention of the telephone was new, everybody was using it. Women took over most clerical jobs since communication usage increased. They also took over sales in department stores. People were buying material things such as clothes and home appliances. Women became sale representatives so that they could relate to the customer purchasing their products. These "flappers" worked for themselves, not for their husbands nor fathers. As well as many men, flapper also disagreed with prohibition. In fact, more young women consumed alcohol in the decade it was illegal than ever before (USHistory.org Staff). Margaret Sanger became committed to exposing birth control. She began promoting the diaphragm and other birth control devices to working-class women (Brinkley 625). She believed that large families were a cause of poverty in poor communities. Sanger persuaded middle class women by arguing that they should feel free to enjoy the pleasures of sexual activity without being afraid to get pregnant. Flappers were known to willingly experiment more since they were using birth control. Over all, many people judged flappers and questioned their reasoning. People believed women were threatening men since they were doing what only men would do, for example, smoking, drinking, going out etc (USHistoy.org Staff). The view on motherhood changes during these times. Women didn't want as many children now, some didn't want any children at all. Flappers were looked down upon, but in reality they changed the way women are seen today. Who knows, maybe if the flappers would have never occurred, we would have maintained the Victorian image for a much longer time. Although flappers had a fun time during the roaring twenties, their party was cut short when the Stock Market Crashed and the Great Depression rolled

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