Life In The 1920s Essay

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The 1920s was a period which is called “the roaring twenties” by historians. At that time, as a result of the economic situation in the US improved significantly, lives of ordinary Americans changed a lot. These changes can be divided into three parts.
Firstly, people’s material standard of living has got a huge improvement. During that period, with the development of mass production of goods and mass consumerism, America became the richest country in the world. Businesses in America developed quickly, creating plenty of jobs. At the same time, most of Americans’ wages surged, so that they had enough money to buy many kinds of new commodities, like cars and radios. Before WWI, cars are extremely luxury, but in 1920s, mass production made cars become cheap, as a result, more and more people could afford it. Cars brought millions of Americans into a new world easily and they made Americans’ life more convenient. At the same time, radios brought news from distance places to Americans. All these …show more content…

Changes in thinking began with the American soldiers. Shortly after the end of the WWI, they came back from the battlefield, and brought a lot of new ideological to America. They saw a different world in Europe, and faced death in battles, so they learned to enjoy their life when they came back America. After that, many young people began to challenge the conventional lifestyle of their elders. For example, women tried to wear the latest style clothes, and began to smoke and drink with men in public places. America society paid more attention to education. From 1920 to 1930, the number of high school student in America more than doubled. At that time, people discussed some topics which their elders only talked about privately. People had great interest in pop culture instead of serious political

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