Essay On 19th Amendment

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19th Amendment Changes Lives! Article by Sophie Champ
Breaking news for the first time ever women have the ability to vote! This is a huge step for women 's equality throughout the world. After much fighting and arguing for rights, women have come a long way and are very proud of their achievements. After years and years of battling the men who lead the government, the 19th amendment has been ratified. This now, guarantees all women the right to vote in America.Although women will probably never be completely equal to men in this world this is a huge leap for womankind. Women throughout the States are celebrating this great achievement.Some delegates have mocked women and have continued to believe that men should be the only ones allowed to vote and participate in government. This has only upset women more and has made the more powerful and passionate on the subject.
Nationally, we are unsure of how this rate will be launched. The woman 's rights movements are going to continue to advocate for such improvements. Woman are attempting to raise public awareness as well. They want to help encourage women all over the US to join the movement. Women are finally victorious in an …show more content…

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