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Take a look at an apple tree, the tree lives in the perfect world, growing in a stable environment, compared to the struggling world that the Joshua tree undergoes. In the book “The Glass Castle” written by Jeannette Walls, the following quote took my interest and sparked great wisdom. “Mom frowned at me. “You’d be destroying what makes it special,” she said. “It’s the Joshua tree’s struggle that gives it its beauty.”(Walls 38). In this quote, Mary Walls indicates to Jeannette to stop thinking about preventing the tree to grow ordinary and un-special; she describes that it struggles for a reason and that is to give it its beauty. This quote metaphorically represents how the hidden, unique beauty that the Joshua tree acquires after it goes through difficult environmental circumstances makes it exotic, and stand out from any other tree. Likewise the Joshua Tree, the Walls children stood out from any other kid around them, they were exceptionally wise, but most of the time the Walls family was considered to be the most chaotic and poor family, in the numerous neighborhoods that they moved to. The harsh conditions that Lori, Brian, Maureen, and Jeannette Walls lived through taught them to fend for themselves and care for each other at a very …show more content…

Lori never turns back and begins a life on her own and later on invites her siblings to move to New York with her. But after they stabilize and start building their careers, the breaking news gets to Jeannette and that is that her parents had followed them and moved to New York too. Like the Joshua tree, it can never avoid the hard winds that it goes through in the desert, so when the Walls children want to grow upwards they get hit by the strong winds that they cannot avoid. After that, they realize that they have to learn to grow sideways and venture

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