The Golden Goblet Analysis

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Eloise Jarvis McGraw, the author of The Golden Goblet, explores the topic of Ancient Egypt, while she entertains her readers with the action packed story of Ranofer. Ranofer, a young boy with 2 of his friends who are trying to find out what his older step brother Gebu is up to and when they find out they try many different ways to take him to justice. The most important event was when Ranofer went to meet Zau at his house when Heqet invited him, and Zau said he could become his pupil but Ranofer had to turn him down because his own lifestyle wouldn’t work with the one he wanted to live.
One of the main reasons why this is the most important event of the story is because this event gave Ranofer gave him his emotional drive to turn his life around. “ The subject appeared to be closed. Everything in Ranofer fought frantically against its closing, so
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This is also the event that led to Ranofer forming his spy plan to spy on Gebu, Wenamon, and Setma the river captain.” The story poured out- Gebu’s sandals, his head cloths, his ointments,his peculiar remark to Wenamon months before.” You are right. I know you are right! Isn’t it so Ancient? How else could a man become so rich in a few months’ time, unless pharaoh had singled him out for favor?””Now, what shall we do about it?” “But we can do something, that much is certain. We can find out more. I will watch Gebu, see where he goes.” “ His companions, we must discover his companions.” “Perhaps I could watch him.” “We will become spies.” This means that when Ranofer stopped to think about why Gebu needed his coppers he ran to go tell Heqet and the Ancient about what he had found out. This event happened to form the spy plan that they carried out and found more information on.But none of this would have happened without Ranofer going to meet master
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