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The Graveyard Book In the John Newbery Medal novel, The Graveyard Book written by Neil Gaiman, Bod, a orphan boy is adopted by ghosts after the tragic events that led to his family. Throughout this fictional book, Bod will learn about the importance of compassion and forgiveness and most importantly, finding out who he really came from. To begin the exposition, Jack Frost part of a fraternal organization, known as the Jack of Trades or Knaves needed to assassinate Bod’s family because of a belief for protection to guard their organization from harm. But after killing everyone, he realized the baby (Bod) has escaped. Little did he know the baby was off to the graveyard. Caught by a pair of ghosts Mr. and Mrs. Owens, they didn’t know what to …show more content…

Silus, a vampire became Bod’s guardian and would provide food for him. Silus then disguised himself as a caretaker of the graveyard and drove the man Jack away. The main conflict of this story is that even though Jack killed Bod’s family, he was determined to murder him because of an old prophecy that said if the boy grew to adulthood, the Jack of all Trades group would be over. Accordingly, several events took place to the climax, where Bod made friends with a girl named Scarlett and encountered the Indigo man and the mysterious Sleer. Eventually, Scarlett returns to Scotland while Bod is left alone. As the rising action appears, Bod went to school and practiced his graveyard tricks on two bullies and left school after a recent encounter with Jack who was coming back for more clues. Ten year later, Bod has almost reached adulthood, and the Jack of all Trades were being more worried. Jack bought the house Bod’s family was killed in and searched for clues. Scarlett also came back from Scotland and befriended Jack who assumed was just a nice old man retired. After Bod met Scarlett after a long time, Bod told her the tragic life he had before he was living in the graveyard. She told Jack Frost about it and Jack suddenly

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