The Great Depression And Roosevelt's New Deal

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During the years of 1929 to 1939, the Great Depression affected American life negatively. The Great Depression began after the stock market crash of October 1929. Many Americans, especially ones that were poor, became unemployed. Most of the country’s banks failed during these years, investment also dropped. The economy during these years became poorly and one man came up with these programs called the “New Deal”. This man named Franklin Delano Roosevelt was known for his initial, FDR. While his programs were spreading across the country, an organization, the American Liberty League, formed under rich people, opposed FDR’s New Deal programs. The League believes that these programs were unfair, however FDR’s New Deal programs were necessary…show more content…
The AAA and NIRA were created to help resolve these economic problems. One economic problem was overproduction in crops. There are so many farmers in the United States that grow crops such as corns, wheat, rice and etc. This will bring in a great quantity of these products which means that it is too popular to make their price increase, since it is around the whole United States. FDR’s idea was to stop them from producing these crops. According to “Roosevelt and the New Deal” written by Adam Woog, “The Agricultural Adjustment bill was designed to boost farm prices...Under plans like this one, production is limited because farmers are paid not to produce certain crops or raise animals...paid to destroy existing crops and animals...Roosevelt reasoned that fewer farm products would create a scarcity of those products…would drive their prices upward. Farmers could then afford to sell their goods at a reasonable profit.” (Woog, pg 44) NIRA actually benefit many poor people because minimum wages will guarantee them at least some money, not too low, but at an acceptable level. Compared to the reasons to oppose the new deal, the reasons to create these programs were more convincing, they show that the economy was dropping due to various problems in the United States and…show more content…
The American Liberty League’s only reasons would be the lack of rights and freedom. During these harsh years of the Great Depression, the only possible way to fix these problems is to take control over the whole country. Despite AAA and NIRA being unconstitutional, all FDR’s New Deal programs were reasonable to pass across the country, they had a purpose, which was to fix any problems that caused the Great Depression. Overall, the American Liberty League could have stop opposing the New Deal and help out FDR to support the country as well because their goal was to protect the rights and freedom provided by the

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