The Great Gatsby: Does Money Buy Happiness?

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Does money make the characters in the Great Gatsby happier?
In the book The Great Gatsby, Gatsby was dating Daisy, who he truly loved then he had to go fight in World War I so then Tom took advantage of that and married Dasiy who was using tom only for his money.Will Gatsby and Daisy's love be the same as before when Gatsby went to war? He was at war for five years, but when he got out of the war, he found out that Daisy and Tom were married. Then, when Gastby found that out, he was jealous about it. So then Gastby sets Tom up so he and Daisy can eventually get back together and have them be married but the only problem is that Gatsby thinks he will be in deep love with Daisy but that doesn't happen. Sorry to break it to you, Gastby, but …show more content…

When most Americans are in debt, they are very stressed out and then they are worried and don't want to do anything because they are moping around depressed about the debt they have put themselves in. For example, ‘’when a threat to basic needs is perceived, when debts flood the certainty of food and shelter, when making ends meet seems improbable, happiness slips away’’(Sheppard).Most people get themselves in the hole because they want to have a family, and then marriage is so expensive the price of it hurts them financially and they are having trouble recovering from it. My mom and dad went through the same thing when I was about 4 years old my grandpa helped them out because he was very worried they would get their house taken away from them because of the debt they put themselves in and now their credit score is in the …show more content…

When Gatsby and Daisy danced Fitzgerald explains, ‘’I remember being surprised by his graceful,conservative fox trot’’(fitzgerald 105). This is important because of how Daisy and Gatsby first met because of the way they were together before he went to go fight in the war.Then, after he went to war, Tom gets married Daisy only because of his money, which is very wrong of Tom and Daisy.Some people go through hard times and,‘’if the most basic needs are not met emotional contentment cannot be achieved’’(Sheppard). The idea of money does make people happier to a certain extent. For example, if people are struggling to make ends meet families, usually are very stressed about it, and if people are not struggling with money they feel they have no

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