The Great Gatsby God Quotes

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Much like Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, we see that Joe Starks also has a catchphrase of his own that he begins most of his sentences with, but instead of it being Old Sport, it is I,god. When Janie firsts meets Joe Starks, he dreams of getting to be a part of an all colored town and help build it up, and he doesn’t use the term I,god, but instead God. When they first arrive in Orange County he says “God, they call this a town? Why, ‘tain’t nothing but a raw place in de woods”(34), it’s not until later when Joe Starks has gained power in the town that he constantly uses the phrase, I,god in front of everything. The first time he says I,god is when he is wondering who is leading the town “I,god, where’s de Mayor?”(34),

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