The Great Gatsby Morality Quotes

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The theme of morality is one of the most important themes in F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel The Great Gatsby, written in 1925. Evidence that morality is the most important theme in the novel can be found when analysing the crash scene in which Myrtle dies, Gatsby’s death, and the story of his adolescence. Evidence that morality is the most important theme in Fitzgerald’s novel can be found when analysing the crash scene that results in Myrtle’s death Daisy is driving Gatsby’s car when the crash occurs. Morally she does not know what to do because there is a car in the other lane. To Daisy there is not time to think about the right or the the wrong choice to make. After Daisy hits Myrtle she drives away as if nothing happened. In the text, Fitzgerald explains this when he has an African American man describe the crash scene. The man states that “the car passed me down the road, going faster’n forty. going fifty, sixty” (Fitzgerald 147). This quote points out the fact that daisy is scared about what …show more content…

Wilson shoots Gatsby sheds light on the subject of morality and has its role in making the theme of morality important. Before he shot Gatsby George Wilson did not think through the situation from a moral point of view. Instead, he assumes that since it was Gatsby’s car that hit Myrtle, Gatsby must have been driving. From a moral standpoint this is highly illogical. Despite the fact that Wilson is furious with Gatsby, I feel that he could have at least asked and made an attempt at gaining some information before murdering Gatsby. Fitzgerald states that “it was after we started with Gatsby back to the house that the gardener saw Wilson’s body a little way of in the grass, and the holocaust was complete” (Fitzgerald 170). Fitzgerald’s use of the word holocaust is important as it suggests that Gatsby’s death was of massive scale or monumentally important. In connection to morality, that indicates that it is highly immoral to commit such a

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