The Hero's Journey In The Alchemist

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The Hero’s Journey couldn’t be fulfilled without helpers and mentors to our protagonist. Santiago never could've found his treasure without the king, Edmond wouldn’t had even dreamed of making it out of prison without the support of Abbe, and Odysseus wouldn’t have been able to make it home without Athena. Most journeys have more than one helper. They can come at different times and have smaller or bigger parts. Each hero need something different from their mentor, and their mentors shape them into the hero we know today. Santiago, our hero from The Alchemist has three main mentors: The gypsy, the king, and the Crystal merchant. They all contribute to him and his journey in different ways. The gypsy gave him the first push he needed to find …show more content…

Some people consider him a hero and some people don’t. Whether he seems heroic or not, he has a story full of mentors and helpers which were vital to his journey. His main mentors and helpers were Zeus, Athena, and his family. Zeus kept the other gods from punishing Odysseus, especially Poseidon. He decided most of Zeus his actions were justified and should not be punished. Another god that assisted Odysseus on his quest home was Athena, who helped Odysseus in many ways as well. She was with him through his whole story and never left him. Athena aids Odysseus in his fight against the suitors by making sure each arrow hits its target. She also aids him afterwards when the other gods are contemplating whether Odysseus is guilty or not. They decide he isn’t by saying, “There will be killing till the score is paid.” Odysseus’ last mentor and helper is his family. His memories of Penelope and Telemachus kept him going and gave him the encouragement he needed to come home. Penelope, although surrounded by suitors, stayed faithful to her husband. She says, “Eurymachus, all my excellence, my beauty and figure, were ruined by the immortals … If he (Odysseus) were to come back to me and take care of my life, then my reputation would be more great and splendid.” The same cannot be said for Odysseus, though, as he cheated on Penelope with Circe and Calypso. Although he might’ve cheated on Penelope, he went through many trials and tribulations for her and …show more content…

Odysseus need Athena, Santiago needed the king, and Edmond needed Abbe to for fill their journeys. While all of these characters went on exciting adventures, Edmond Dantes was the most heroic out of all three. While he got the revenge he was seeking, he also gave back to his world in the end. He was faithful to Mercedes and he was kind to Jake up oh. He was her Roeck not only by his actions but also buy his mind and

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