Reading Lolita In Tehran And Persepolis Comparison Essay

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The idea of rebellion was treated differently by each author, although they were similar each author had a deferent point of view on rebelling. In Reading Lolita in Tehran and Cairo the main characters rebelling was extremely dangerous, but it was represented as an act of bravery. And in Persepolis 2 the women rebelled with small details against the law to show society what little freedom they have. The first two stories that are mentioned have only an act of bravery in common, but the way they rebelled was done in completely different ways to show just how many different types of struggles women in those countries go through. But as the readers go on in the stories the differences in the way each author perceives rebellion becomes more clear. In Reading Lolita in Tehran, the main character is a woman who is on her way home, and in her country, there is a law that says she needs a man to escort her in the streets. But her brother refuses to go to her location and take her home, so she is left with no other choice than to go home unaccompanied. To most people this is not a big deal, but if she is caught she could be severely punished by walking in the streets alone. In lines 49-52 the author states, “In the course of …show more content…

But instead, they choose to join a protest along with hundreds of other people to reclaim their country. In lines 66-68 the author states, “Everywhere there was a continuous thud of guns and from time to time a loud, intermittent rattling sound. We stood.” They knew that at any moment they could be killed or injured but still they choose to stay. Not only was this an act of bravery but it shows just how much these women love their country. They risked their freedom and life to join in the protest this shows how courageous they acted. It also shows the authors point of view, which is rebelling for a better life and

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