The Impact Of Globalization On Toronto

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Globalization and its implications appear to have controversial opinions around the world on whether it truly benefits countries. There is no doubt that advances in technology have enabled us to become more interconnected with the world around us; further shaping how we interact with each other, how businesses conduct themselves, and how cities are formed. Growing up in Toronto witnessing the significant changes to neighborhoods, the never ending horizon of cranes, increases in property value, it’s evident that Toronto has become a world city and the attraction to potential migrants is promising. The following paper will examine globalization and its effect on Toronto using personal direct observations (as a long-term resident) combined with findings from academic literature. Globalization has aided in bringing Toronto to the forefront as a world city and hub for innovation. …show more content…

Despite the attractiveness and propitious of Toronto, it has also exacerbated social polarization as a result of globalization; reflected by containing the largest financial hub in Canada, the grossly spanning condo scene, and gentrifying

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