The Importance Of Culture Preservation

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II.1.1 Preservation Preserve [pre-zurv] means (1) to keep alive or in existence; make lasting, (2) to keep save from harm or injury; protect or spare, (3) to keep up; maintain. (The definition of preservation, n.d). Preservation is the protection or maintaining of cultural property through activities that minimize damage and that prevent loss of informational content. The primary goal of preservation itself, is to prolong the existence of cultural property. (Definitions of Conservations, n.d). According to Harrod, preservation is specific individual and collective measures taken for repair, restoration, protection and maintenance of the archives. The primary function of it is to provide adequate facilities for the care, protection and maintenance of the archives of whatever kind. (1977, p. 657). II.1.1.1 The Important of Culture Preservation…show more content…
As part of the culture, it needs to be preserved. H.R.Hidayat S. (Tim Unicode Aksara Sunda, 2008), a Sundanese cultural expert state that eliminating the history of a nation is an attempt to eliminate the existence of the nation. In this case, forgetting the historical evidence of a nation is part of the steps to eliminate the nation's history. Because tradition and writing tradition are part of historical evidence, maintaining the traditional characters is part of the history preservation of traditional tribal owners, which means the preservation of the culture is important. (p.

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