The Importance Of Equality In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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In Equality’s society of Anthem by Ayn Rand, they have many rules and controls, or regulations. They have the rules in place so everyone is the same. The Council doesn’t want anyone to be different, or to have different thoughts. Equality’s new society will have no rules from the old society because he cultivates individuality, he loathed the old society’s rules, and he knows what it means to be an leper. To begin, Equality nurtures individuality. He and Liberty created new names for themselves, as to separate themselves from each other and the old society. Equality became Prometheus and Liberty became Gaea. “There was a time when each man had a name of his own to distinguish him from all other men.” (Rand 99). Once Equality found the word “I” he vowed never to speak “we” again, unless it was his own choice, thus praising individuality. “For the word ‘We’ must never be spoken, save by one’s choice and as a second thought.” (Rand 96). Equality wept when he found “I” because he pitied those who did not know the word. “I wept in deliverance and in pity for all mankind.” (Rand 98). Equality wept because the people in the old society did not know that there was a word for themselves, not we, but I. Nextly, Equality abhorred the old society’s rules. In the old society he had to love everyone, even he …show more content…

He took the name Prometheus because he felt linked with him. Equality brought light to his fellow man, and suffered substantially for it. “I have read of a man who live many thousands of years ago, and all the names in these books, his is the one I wish to bear. He took the light of the gods and he brought it to men, and he taught men to be gods. And he suffered for his deed as all bearers of light must suffer. His name was Prometheus.” (Rand 99). Equality wanted his son to be satisfied with his mind. “Our son will be raised as a man. He will be taught to say ‘I’ and to bear the pride of

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