How Words Can Depict The World

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A picture is a better portrayal and illustration of the world.We mainly perceive the world with our eyes.Seeing is believing.In fact,words are a refection and birth of visions. There is the obvious fact that words can't explain every thing. At times,dictionary contains no words to express some new concept or phenomena. Using pictures and illustrations, we can paint the world. It takes pages to be filled with words to express ouselves. But pictures can do this, consuming much lesser space and time. Then, it can't be guranteed that the writer is literate and can effectively express his or herself. Though pictures can be very unclear and unprecise,the person always knows what he or she has to paint or draw,for it is a universal language. The dominance of pictures over words is revealed when we compare their levels of art. Paintings and drawings are more attractive because they show the world with more fancy and grace. Colours make pictures more…show more content…
People still love to read years old books. Writers such as J.R Rowlett have accumulated piles of wealth. Eduaction is extremely difficult without the books that are filled with words. The world is advancing ata tremendous speed.Technolgies like telephone and old modeled computers are now being replaced with modern better machines. But people still like to read books made out of simple dry paper. Wisdom hidden in old quotes is still alive today because words are the best way to illustrate useful concepts and true wisdom. It is clear that both pictures and words have their own strenths and weaknesses. Although, pictures are powerful than words, in the modern era, words' significance can never be undermined, for they supplement the pictures in almost every scenario. Wether we notice or not,at times words are successful in exerting their own power. In other words, a picture is not always powerful than mere
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