The Importance Of Juvenile Crime

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Juveniles Need Help

Twenty-five percent of all serious violent crimes involve at least one juvenile offender. Juveniles arrest have been incrementing over the years and there has been a debate on whether or not juveniles should get life sentence or not. There has also been 200,000 juveniles who enter adult criminal justice, these children face their actions on prisons with people who are way older than them and get sentenced for life. Youth should not get sentenced for life because children are still trying to deal with their identity, don’t have the mental ability and juveniles have no responsibility. In Addition the different perspectives presented by the Supreme Court argues that juveniles who commit murder should not be sentenced to life because it violates the 8th amendment. On the other hand the four justice argues that heinous crimes that are committed by juveniles should always be punished and discuss how even juveniles who do the worst crimes still get considered as “poor children”.
The issue of juvenile crime is a complex one. Juveniles are still trying to deal with their identity and at their age they still aren’t clear about who they are. They still have confusion about who they want to be. According to the article Adolescents Identity and Delinquency, “identity creation is a social tasks which can be influenced critically by the responses of others in one’s social environment.” What this quotes means or refers to is that influences surrounding a juvenile can

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